For the weighted pillow insert: we recommend to fluff it before use as there might be some buckwheat husk residue that feels like sand, simply put it under the sun or vacuum it once in a while.

Disclaimer: We know kids are messy and require laundry every 2 – 3 days, so we have done many trials on hand-washing BLANC silk covers with baby laundry detergent & normal detergent, they work (but not as well as dry clean)!!! Always remember to finish with a fabric softener to restore moisture to the natural fibres. Remember to be gentle and always lay flat to dry, esp for silk inserts to prevent the silk fibres from sticking together. However, the silk will loose its shine and natural properties over time with hand washing. Silk naturally shrinks when washed in water.  *The above are just as a reference, we strongly recommend dry cleaning to protect your silk. For the silk insert, we recommend to sun cure it once in a while.

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