Inspired by children. Created by moms. BLANC is the only children centric pure silk luxury bedding brand because for the little ones, we believe every nap counts!

Our co-founders were a team of toddlers - Nara (age 4) who was touch sensitive; Yana (age 2); Wynn (age 2); Reya (6 months) and Rhome (new-born). They guided us in our selection of fabric and tested on our design functionality.

So when our toddler co-founders, aka the R&D team, unanimously decided on silk, we relentlessly go for 100% pure silk. Silk is hypoallergenic and anti dust mite which makes it perfect for babies who suffers from allergies.

Meantime, silk’s natural protein is great for hair and skin which makes BLANC the perfect pillow for that poor eczema baby skin to rest on. This makes BLANC the only Children-Centric pure silk pillow and blanket expert. As mothers, we have also included underprivileged moms and women to be part of our journey. Supported by proper tools and training, every BLANC made has helped those mothers to better provide for their little ones too. Therefore we pride that every BLANC is designed by children, and brought to you by moms, literally. At BLANC, we take pleasure to bring you responsible luxury that brings smiles to everyone in our community. We are proud to help our little BLANC babies (customers who has used BLANC) to sleep better and wake up happier. We believe every nap counts in childhood. So yes, we urge you to invest in sleep!

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